The Mysterious Rapping Entity That is MF DOOM Has Returned With Another Installment of His ‘The Missing Notebook Rhymes’ Series

The mysterious rapping entity that is MF DOOM has returned with another installment of his ‘The Missing Notebook Rhymes’ series.

Presented by Adult Swim (The fine purveyors of shows like Rick & Morty), The Missing Notebook Rhymes is a fifteen week series with a new track being debuted each week. The new track Notebook 03, is the fourth installment, and comes with news that DOOM is planning to drop a new KMD album, which currently has no release date.

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Notebook 03 is the strongest addition to The Missing Notebook Rhymes yet. It’s psychedelic with it’s glitchy sci-fi-esque melodicisms, while DOOM hits hard with his stylish, conceptually-heavy supervillain rapping.

DOOM is a master of creating bars saturated in imagery, with his use of internal rhyme creating a flow unmatched by many, catching us with lyrics like “Your attention please,/ Freeze, he came to seize the free cheese/ Before he flees to Belize, / In case he forgot to mention – “squeeze these””.

It will be a delight to listen for both hardcore DOOM fans and hip-hop initiates, and if the track is anything to go by, The Missing Notebook Rhymes is a DOOM project which is building up to be something big. Click here for more