Best Accounting Software 2016

Any business would never survive without a solid accounting backbone to support it. Whether it’s a small or large business, you can expect there’s a reliable bookkeeper that keeps everything into account and in record. Furthermore, a company’s accounting department’s efficiency is largely influence with the technology they have to work with.

You’ve guessed it right when you thought reliable accounting software plays a key role to keep your business competitive. Old school methods of record keeping and manual encoding are proven inefficient in today’s dynamic digital landscape. Not using reliable accounting software could leave your business prone for accounting errors or slow turn over time when pulling out records.

So if you’re in the market for a great bookkeeping software for your business, we compiled a list of the best accounting software 2016:


No matter what software version of QuickBooks you are using, all its products are specifically built to keep your accounting needs in check and solved before the problems before trouble even arises. QuickBooks can be used for offline and online accounting. Synchronizing data can be done from seconds to minutes and this program boosts efficiency in record keeping.

Because QuickBooks can be operated online and can be accessed by multiple users with specific permissions, data can be up to date, transparent, and secure. The program automatically sorts transactions which makes any record keeping job a breeze to perform.


Built for project management tasks, this program has helped countless businesses track multistage performance and evaluation every step of their projects. Data management and encoding can be easily managed even for beginners of the program. The program also has internal systems designed to eliminate discrepancies that commonly arise from accounting errors.

[Poker pro’s and con’s]


An accounting software perfect for small businesses and individuals that require minor accounting works. It’s a cloud based program which means invoicing management can be done anytime and anywhere.


VAT reports are handled by this program with superb performance. The program provides accounting insights and suggestions for better record management in your organization’s internal record keeping systems.


A beginner-friendly program for everyone. Basic functionality and not expensive to opt for. It does its job when you only consider the essential tools for accounting software.

Sage 50 Pro

It’s an expensive accounting software but worth your money when you consider beginner-friendly and customer support. It’s your best friend when it comes to inventory management and automated error checks.

Most programs mentioned above do serve their purpose as an accountant’s partner for accounting. However, some programs just stand out more depending on the additional features that come along with purchasing the software. Hopefully this has helped you choose what bookkeeping software to opt for your business. What matters most is the software is customized to your organization’s needs and convenience. Read more ..