Roulette Game

Roulette games are far from playing card games. Roulette is all about symbols, numbers, and colors. You can play betting on a single number, various number groupings, colors, and symbols. There are betting options. You can either place inside bets by selecting the exact number the ball will land in or outside bets wherein you can select on a larger positional grouping of pockets.

Can you control the game? No, nobody can. Unlike poker games, you can always fold your cards whenever you don’t have a hit. But, like any other games, the sequence is also being observed.

So, how do we play roulette? What are the different types of roulette games? Here are some:

Crown Double Zero

A game played with a wheel containing 38 compartments. There are two zeros and numbers 1-36 are divided equally with colored black and red. The objective of the game is to predict where the ball will fall.

Dragon Roulette

Dragon roulette has a traditional layout with additional dragon section. The roulette has 37 compartments with 8 spaced dragon symbols. There are 2 gold and 6 silver dragons. The game is played like the traditional roulette.

Lucky Symbols Roulette

The ball is spun using a Cammegh Mercury 360 wheel. A corresponding lucky symbol appears when the ball lands on the winning number.

Double Action Roulette

There are two identical betting areas for this game. This game offers a unique variation of the traditional roulette delivering two winning numbers from just one spin.


The layout of the wheel is the same as that of the roulette. However, the tumbler contains 37 equal-sized and weighted balls. Random balls will drop into a pocket and the number on that ball will be displayed. Procedure in place is a must to ensure the security and integrity of the tumbler.

You can choose to play either of these games and there are others to choose from. If you think you are lucky with number, colors, and symbols, then these are the games for you.

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