As the years go by, more of new slot games are produced to enable the competition for the players that have the affection with the game. Read more at Wizard Slots about all the different types of online slots. There are new graphics, bonuses, themes, and more ways of that are introduced. As by now, there are new introduces games to the casino floor. Below are some of the new slot games which will catch the players’ attention.

The Beat Square

Beat square is among the newest breed that are skilled-based games which are specifically designed for the ones that grew up while playing the computer games in their homes and arcade gaming systems. It was named as the best in 2018 Global Gaming and Technology, giving more awards to players that keep the beat. The game has sixteen buttons organized in a grid form of 4 by 4. It has a modern selection, their grid buttons light up when betting, and their rhythmic music that sings with the light.

You only need to heat buttons when lighting in a great rhythmic pattern. You can light even three at the same time since when nearing the groove, you will be using two hands. When you tap many correct beats, you score more and finally you win more money. It is the best with young players, and also if you are an older player in love with rhythmic music, it is also the best game.

The Buffy Vampire Slayer

The Buffy game deals with slaying demons and vampires as it battles those forces. There are many slot winning ways in this game. The game has bonus features like jackpot’s primeval progressive wheel, base game of expanding reels, with two spinning bonuses for free. The expanding reel always grows which leads to additional symbols and player really like the scenario. When this is happening, the winning ways of slots are even more that you cannot finish; hence players will gain huge winnings potential. Also, get your best experience with live casino here.

The Monopoly Scientific Game

The monopoly is regarded as the biggest success over a long time due to their increasing popularity. It is the nine-play line, three-reel game. When you spin in the monopoly, you can end up winning extra bonuses via the mini-reels spinning set of hot shots. During the bonus time, we have a monopoly gaming board that is very famous, and they are launched whenever there are three or more Scottie dogs which land on your reels.

When you roll around the dice in the board, you can get some extras including multipliers when landed on railroad, credit refund when landed on tax spaces or utility, when landed on community chest, chance, or free parking you get pick’em. There are three local progressive smaller levels and some progressive jackpot on a wide area, which makes the game to be full of extras.

The Mammoth Power

The Konami is a popular extra reward of five-reel slots. The symbols are stacked wild cave which boosts the winnings in times of the regular play, and there will be more than three arrow symbols which trigger to almost thirty free spins. There are multiple play-out wins that will show the stacked symbol of Konami action during the play. When you play the game the free spins, you can have wild cave symbols of by three or by two multipliers, which may make you win free additional games in the feature. Such free spins and multipliers may lead to great mammoth wins.